Immigrate to Azerbaijan

Immigrate to Azerbaijan image October 6, 2021

If you want to immigrate to Azerbaijan, you must know that this country has a couple of bilateral or multilateral visa-free agreements.

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Trademark Registration in Azerbaijan

Trademark Registration in Azerbaijan image April 21, 2021

Both companies and individuals can register trademarks in Azerbaijan in accordance with the local and international laws, respectively conventions. Azerbaijan has entered various international agreements providing for the protection of intellectual property and trademarks.

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Corporate Tax Rate in Azerbaijan

Corporate Tax Rate in Azerbaijan image March 22, 2021

In order to determine how the Azerbaijan corporate tax is levied and the rate it is imposed at, the tax residence of a business must be established, as the country hosts both locally registered and foreign-registered enterprises.

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Income Tax in Azerbaijan

Income Tax in Azerbaijan image February 23, 2021

The taxation system in Azerbaijan is made of various levies that are categorized as direct and indirect ones. The most important levy in Azerbaijan is the income tax which applies to individuals and companies.

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Withholding Tax in Azerbaijan

Withholding Tax in Azerbaijan image January 23, 2021

One of the most important levies is the withholding tax in Azerbaijan and it is applied on various types of incomes to both individuals and companies.

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Taxation in Azerbaijan

Taxation in Azerbaijan image December 15, 2020

There are two categories of taxpayers in Azerbaijan. These are individuals and companies which are further dividend into Azeri and foreign ones.

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Startup in Azerbaijan

Startup in Azerbaijan image November 16, 2020

Setting up a startup in Azerbaijan is not complicated, as most of the legal entities covered by the Company Law can be employed. Our company formation specialists in Azerbaijan can assist with the creation of a startup in this country.

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Immigration Lawyers in Azerbaijan

Immigration Lawyers in Azerbaijan image August 27, 2020

The immigration regulations in Azerbaijan provide for various visas under which a foreign citizen can move here. Based on these visas, foreigners can obtain permanent residence followed by citizenship.

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Law Firm in Azerbaijan

Law Firm in Azerbaijan image July 28, 2020

A law firm in Azerbaijan can be the solution of those who are interested in the local legislation on various legal matters or of those who need to be represented by a trustworthy lawyer.

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Invest in Azerbaijan

Invest in Azerbaijan image June 23, 2020

Azerbaijan has been constantly improving its economic conditions and it is now one of the best business destinations in its region.

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